Manage One Helm Chart - Deploy Many Applications


If you deployed applications on Kubernetes in the past, you might have made one or two helm charts. Helm is a widely used way of deploying applications to Kubernetes with all the relevant resources packaged in one package instead of dealing with a chaos of yaml files.

The Problem

Even though Helm helps us offer our application as a unit deployable on Kubernetes, hiding details and exposing configuration only, we might still run into inconsistencies, duplication, DX issues and wheel reinvention when dealing with a range of applications instead of just one.

One mitigation for the problem with multiple applications would be to have a template helm chart. This, unfortunately, solves only part of the problem and helps only initially but not over time.

A Solution

Another solution that can help us initially and over time is to have one "general purpose" helm chart. Yes, as all "general purpose" solutions, it wont be able to cover all the cases but it can cover the majority of them.

GitHub - kickthemooon/helm-interface: An opinionated general purpose helm chart
An opinionated general purpose helm chart. Contribute to kickthemooon/helm-interface development by creating an account on GitHub.

Helm-Interface is my initial variation of the proposed solution. If you have questions, suggestions, issues etc. don't hesitate to use github issues to share them.

Adnan Mujkanovic

Adnan Mujkanovic

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